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Backlinks Company provides you with Quality Content from seasoned writers that have years of expertise in this field– Your satisfaction and success is our priority

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The Content Creation Agency that You Can Rely On for Good

Let Us Help You Turn Your PBNs and Web 2.0 into a Worthwhile Place for Your Audience

You Can Rely On Us!
We know how hectic it becomes when you are juggling a lot of things all at once; SEO social media, web content publishing, etc. We also know in such cases all you need is a reliable Content Provider that can ease your job and take care of all the technical stuff as well.
We guarantee you unapologetically dependable content that will cater to all your needs. And of course, that will be free of plagiarism, grammatical, and syntactical errors and you won’t even need to make any major edits.

We Got You!
Backlinks Company is here to remove the burden off your shoulders.
We do nothing less than well-researched and thoroughly examined articles and content that are meant to make your PBNs and Web 2.0 stand out.
All our writers are professionals with a minimum of 10 years of experience in this field. They know how to convert your online platforms into money-making assets.

PBN Links Service

Our Other Services
Our content is always well-researched and technically stirring. Other than PBNs and Web 2.0, we also write for:

  • Blog Posts

  • Editorial Articles

  • Landing Page

  • Website Pages

  • Product Reviews & Buying Guides

  • Press Releases

  • Sales Letters & Emails

(And practically anything else that you need)

What Niches Do We Accept?
We accept all niches, for instance;

  • Affiliate sites

  • Gaming

  • Automotive

  • Video script writing

  • Email writing

  • Education and parenting

  • Health, Wellness & Nutrition

  • Beauty, Fashion, and lifestyle

  • Gardening & Home Improvement

  • Entertainment

  • Sports

  • Tech writing

  • Real estate

  • Marketing & Business

  • Finance

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Travel & Working Abroad

And More…

Key Service Features
The quality of the content is something that we can never compromise on. However, your niche will define the tone and technical aspects of the content. Don’t worry, the topics may vary, but the quality will never!

Here are the special features of our service:

Thorough Research and Analysis
Our articles reflect well-researched material that the search engines like!

Relevant and Updated Information
We make sure to include valid and up-to-date information. Truthfulness is what we ensure in our content

Simple yet pithy sentences that reflect everything you want us to say

Eloquent English
We know grammatical errors and poor sentence structures are annoying. Our writers are well-read and expert in the English language which for us is the minimum criteria to hire them!

Match and Exceed
We use Ahrefs to see the top results in your country’s Google. We also have an eye on your competitors and create your content accordingly

Avoid Over-Optimization
We avoid hyperbole and exaggerations in our content as it makes the writing bombastic and unimpressionable

As we have a bulk of orders at a time, it becomes quite difficult to send Copyscape screenshots for each article.
Due to this load, which might take extra time for delivering your order, we have limited the Copyscape proofs to 10%. This means that for every 100 articles, you can have Copyscape proofs for 10 articles maximum.
Consider this as the random check on your part as you can select any 10 articles for us to provide Copyscape proof for.
This way, we both save time and effort.

We assure you complete transparency in our work therefore, this random check should be enough to satisfy your worries about Copyscape results if you have any.

How to Order?

  1. Select the type of content you’d like us to put together
  2. Tell us about the project. You can also add reference documents, keywords, inspirations, your mixtape – whatever floats your boat
  1. Place the order. As simple as that!

Flexible Pricing

Choose a Package to fully configure it

Package 1

  • 300-500 words

Package 2

  • 700-1000 words

Content Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our all writers are native English speakers

Our TAT window is 5-7 business days (depending on our workload and the size of your order.) If you need the content done ASAP for whatever reason, we will see what we can do. Keep in mind that “business days” imply the fact that we generally don’t work over the weekend, except for occasional deliveries.

 We normally do not do refunds, unless we fail to deliver work on the guaranteed time

We do not compromise on the quality and originality of our content, no matter what

 We accept PayPal and Credit Card payments

Yes, of course! Just let us know

No, we accept ALL niches