Local SEO (search engine optimization) and Organic SEO have been one of the most common terms in SEO strategies. They may sound similar to a new person in this field; however, they have many differences. These two terms are important parts of making your business prominent in the digital market.

Local SEO and Organic SEO, both have the potential to increase your online exposure and provide you with a reliable opportunity to get connected to the targeted audience. Hence, it is important to have a clear idea of what they are and how do they differ from one another.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is factually limited to geographical location of any business or place. The main purpose of Local SEO is to provide your business a solid online presence, which enable the customers to reach you physically. Your business building/shop address and details can be viewed by the customers and they can reach out to you in a more reliable and trustworthy way. This also makes you appear higher in local search results i.e. Google Maps, Bing Places etc.

In simpler words, Local SEO is all about making your online business presence possible by making you appear easily in top local searches. It all depends on proper keywords, site’s content and satisfying reviews.

Here is an example of how Local SEO searches result:

The noticeable thing in the above image is that it includes:

  • Search includes a physical location of the searched place
  • Results are about a specific category i.e. restaurants
  • The search results are in a sequence of best to not-so-good along with ratings


These elements of the Local SEO have many benefits of their own for your online business. For instance, they drive more foot and digital traffic to business, which is your ultimate goal.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO includes all natural ways of making your site rank higher in search results. This is usually done when you have employed authentic and high quality content in your site, which tell the search engines whether your site deserves to appear in top searchers or not. Also, proper and relevant keywords, and links that connect other authoritative websites to your site, also add value and worth to Organic SEO for your online business.

Here is what an Organic SEO search result looks like:

The above image shows the most relevant search results according to the keywords entered. It is important to rank high in Organic SEO search if you want to gain trust of your customers. This type of ranking attracts relevant and quality traffic to your site, who is genuinely interested in your offerings. Also, Organic SEO gets more clicks and traffic than paid ads due to free access to many top ranking results in just one click. Hence, this ultimately makes you ahead in your competition.

Local SEO and Organic SEO: The Main Difference

There are a few prominent differences between Local and Organic SEO practices. Let’s have a look;

The Difference of Audiences

Local and Organic SEO audiences differ from one another due to their choice of keywords and desired results. They also differ in terms of intention and expectations of the regarding what they want.

In Local SEO, the audience is mostly the one who wants to have something typically within a day or instantly on the spot. They type the keyword of the product, service or business with “near me”, and want an instantly reliable result.

On the other hand, Organic SEO searches are mostly done by the audience who wants to have handy information and facts related to their search that could easily be of use. They want immediate answers to their questions. They might as well be interested in signing up for a newsletter or downloading a PDF file/document.

The Difference of SERPs

The difference between Local and Organic SEO in SERPs is somewhat not clear in some Google searches; they show a blend of both types. However, Local SEO mostly doesn’t target the Organic SEO results and remains specific and direct towards a limited area/category.

Local SEO is specific and relevant and does not confuse the audience with a bulk of related stuff like Organic SEO. The searches remain centered around local businesses, website links, images or other details about a particular business.

In contrast, Organic SEO search provides a wide range of information on any topic. It can be linked to your homepage, information page or blog articles’ page for detailed text. It also includes suggested and related informational guides and documents.


Local SEO and Organic SEO

The Difference of Citations and Links

Local SEO is highly dependent on the citations, just as Organic SEO is dependent on backlinks.

It is the work of Local SEO to get your business proper citations whenever it is mentioned anywhere online with your name, number or address. These are mostly present on the local business directories or review sites.

However, in Organic SEO, your business is dependent on the relevant backlinks from authoritative sites. It is also dependent on the anchor text which needs to have other powerful links and important keywords.

Hence, citations and backlinks, both are essential to maintain a strong SEO position in either Local or Organic SEO.

The Difference of Content

Content is the most important aspect of SEO, either Local or Organic. Quality content is the key to secure high search engine ranking that proves to be impressive and long lasting.

In Local SEO, the content focuses on the location-based information that has your business’ name, city, zip code, number etc. it is important to emphasize on the local directions and ways to include in your addresses so that it becomes convenient for the audience to search your business. Also, if you want to have a specific geographic focus for your business to be searched easily then this location-based information is important.

Organic SEO’s content, on the other hand, focuses on specific keywords and business categories. In fact, a particular business category is very important for being easily accessible to the online audience. For instance, you need to focus on food related content in case of having a restaurant. However, you can also add promotional stuff.


Local and Organic SEO, both have their own important places in helping you rank high in search engine results. They both work as tools to increase your business site’s ranking and outreach.

In order to establish a strong online marketing presence, it should be kept in mind that Local and Organic SEO have some basic differences in nature of application. These differences are particularly related to audiences, SERPs, citations/backlinks, and content.

With Local and Organic SEO, despite these differences, one can achieve the target of attracting more traffic and customers. There is no doubt in it that in order to reach out to maximum number of audiences, both Local and Organic SEO strategies have proved to be immensely helpful. Hence, it is wise o employ both SEO techniques in order to enhance one’s business outreach.


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