The field of SEO is ever-changing and emerging with new ideas and techniques. If you want to succeed, keep updating yourself!

Google has been very active in making frequent changes in the field of SEO these days. This is because of the new demands and the high competition that the technical world of SEO is experiencing. Of course, the world conditions viz. the pandemic and the “working from home” syndrome has a lot to do with it!

More and more people have realized the worth of SEO business which has become ideal for the pandemic season. That is the biggest reason why Google and other search engines have increased their standards. Now, the more involved and competitive you are, the more you have the chance to remain in the race.

It’s been a long time now that search engine optimization has been upgraded with far more effective and efficient techniques and new practices in SEO. Now, sophistication is the key and precision is what you work with.

Here are a few things that one needs to consider before opting for the SEO business, especially, if you are a newbie in this field:

  1. Optimized User Experience is the Key

As we all know that the main goal of every SEO technique is to obtain as much traffic and conversions rates as possible. But to do this, you have to impress your audience through an optimized user experience. Without this, your site might lose the chances of being ranked in the top searches.

See, when people visit your site, they should have easy access to every category or link on the page. They should be able to understand what your stance is or what you are promoting. They should also be able to easily communicate their queries and issues with you. And of course, instant replies and satisfaction should be your main goal.

Simply put, if your site is not much attractive/ interactive, it will have low bounce rates. This is something that reduces the chances of being ranked in the top searches.

  1. Mobile-friendly Design is a Must Thing 

It has been estimated that around 80% of Americans own a smartphone which they not only use for personal engagements, but also the business dealings. This is because of the sophistication of smartphones which have made business access easier for everyone. One simple example is online shopping and retail.

Also, due to the pandemic, almost 50% of the purchases from e-commerce platforms have been conducted through smartphones. Hence, more and more people are trying to engage in business on the go.

Hence, now mobile-friendly designs have become a necessity rather than an extra option.

  1. A Diverse Backlink Portfolio will be Helpful

Backlinking your site is the smart way of making it more rankable and high-rating. One should always have a strong and authentic backlink profile that reflects your overall work ethics because, in the race of getting more backlinks, many people tend to indulge in spammy links.

Remember, that though quality matters, it is always better to maintain it in the long run for better results. Also, one should avoid low-quality content and links that will damage your profile and reputation.

Another tip is to go for the older and high DA links as they always increase your performance and ranking in the long run. Here’s another option; links that are bought but have high-quality content are also beneficial.

Another way of ensuring your authenticity to the search engines is by creating landing pages that grow with time because these will land links from the smaller sites in the long run. Hence, the more link juice your site attains, the more chances of ranking increase.

  1. Making Full Use of Social Media Channels 

Social media channels are a proper way of making you appear in the mainstream media. Web 2.0 is the best platform.

In particular, YouTube is the best option. This is because YouTube is the most-watched video site with more than 2 billion monthly active users. It is the second most popular and viewed site after Google.

Hence, YouTube is the best platform for video marketing which is becoming increasingly popular these days.

Here are a few things that you can do to enhance your video marketing experience with the users:

  • Make your video SEO-friendly by observing the new practices in SEO, considering its title, description, and additional information to attract the viewers
  • Create custom thumbnails for better accessibility for the users
  • Create video playlists for keeping the viewers engaged on your page and making them involved with what you are promoting

Also, these can help you earn more time with users and you can make them go to your other landing pages or videos for promoting multiple things at a time.


  1. Ignoring Technical SEO will be Akin to Suicide!

Technical SEO is something that you cannot ignore if you want to rank high. Your site will badly perform in the SERPs if you don’t pay attention to the technical aspect of SEO. No one wants that!

However, by incorporating a few techniques in your SEO performance, you can make a big difference in the way things work;

First off, make sure that your entire site loads on HTTPS. The “S” stands for secure which is something you should be looking for. Though Google warns its users about the non-HTTPS sites, that’s why it is always better to not give the audience the chance you see your link as non-HTTPS.

Secondly, enable AMP (accelerated mobile pages) for mobile users. This is very important these days, as mentioned above, most of the users now operate sites from mobiles. AMP pages are shown to the viewer according to the layout of their smartphone. Hence, the convenience is something that cannot be ignored.

What’s next?

The new practices in SEO for the year 2021 will be far-reaching in terms of ranking and reachability. This is because the pandemic has given a surge to the online business world and has enhanced its standards. That is the reason that the next step for any online business owner is to make their business approachable to every desktop or mobile user in the first place. Also, they should be considering the user experience in which there is no place for compromise.

In addition to these, they must not ignore the value of the technical aspect of the SEO along with the power of social media and video marketing platforms like YouTube. Last but not the least, the more secured your sites are with HTTPS formats, the more audiences will rely on you. You can also increase your traffic and ultimately, the conversion rates with this aspect.

Hence, don’t forget to make the most of SEO business for ranking in 2021. Let’s start the New Year with new techniques and beginnings!