Tier 2 PBN Links

Tiered link building is the smart work that your site needs to boost its link juice and authority. Over doing Tier 1 linking may get you too much optimization which begets the risk of attracting penalties. Thereof, we provide you with the best solution i.e. Tier 2 link building. These links will make your URLs with Tier 1 links stronger and more authoritative.

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Tier 2 PBN Links – A smart way to strengthen Tier 1 links

Tier 2 links make your tier 1 PBN Links stronger and authoritative. You can get authentic link juice that will be long-term and continuous.
Backlinks Company provides you with niche-relevant links that will boost your metrics and link profile.

  • No Footprints, No problems
  • Years of experience of building, testing, and selling

  • Laser Focused Power in Your Niche through Tier 2 Links

  • Authentic and long-term link equity

  • Aged Domains and Premium Hosting

  • Authority, age, trust, and quality to ensure your success

  • Real Sites & Handwritten Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these links are permanent. They will stay on the homepage for 15 days and then roll to the inner pages where they will stay permanently.

Yes, you will receive the report.

Our PBNs are themed in several niches, including many in general niches. Your links will be built on our most relevant sites, with relevant content at a minimum to best match both your site and our PBN site as best possible.

Articles will be of 300-500 words content. You may also provide your own articles as long as the language is appropriate.

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