Despite being very helpful, Wikipedia page creation is one of the toughest things that a person can come across. But don’t worry, there’s always a solution to every problem if you are determined to nail it!

Even seasoned SEO experts sometimes get stuck in the process of editing and formatting their Wikipedia page content according to the standards of Wikipedia. Trust me; it’s tougher than a college research paper, especially, if you are new to the field.

But despite all the hassle, once your Wikipedia page is created, your chances of ranking and gaining solid ground in the SEO world increase by manifold. This is because Wikipedia pages are authentic and people trust their information. Their reputation brings traffic to your sites, which ultimately increases your conversion rates. So, overall, Wikipedia page creation is a hectic process but id pays off well in the end.

Why Create a Wikipedia Page?

Okay, so first of all, you need to thoroughly consider your needs and business demands before creating a Wikipedia page for your business. Here are a few things that require a Wikipedia page for better results and promotion of what you are selling:

  1. Do you plan to introduce some industry-changing technology or concept?

If your company has introduced some new concept or a technology that can be ground-breaking in a particular field, then you can opt for portraying it through Wikipedia pages along with other sources. Wikipedia serves as the best platform for introducing emerging concepts. It likes to be ahead of everyone and coming first for announcing them!

  1. Do you want to make your company visible in the search results?

If your brand is already quite popular but you feel like making it more prominent in the industry, then Wikipedia is best for you. Many newcomers tend to start from Wikipedia to make a presentation and then go on with other marketing techniques to remain in the competition.

By projecting the best features of your company, you can make it a part of the big industry. Since people trust the information posted on Wikipedia, they are bound to believe what you say.

  1. Are you keen to have a strong SEO presence for your business site?

Wikipedia page enhances your site’s SEO by compelling you to cope with their “high” standards. During this process of editing, formatting, and re-formatting, your SEO techniques get polished.

Wikipedia receives a huge amount of backlinks and traffic which helps in bringing a significant amount of referral traffic to your site and ultimately converting it for good.

Apart from this, the Wikipedia encyclopedia is considered the most authentic source of information. A lot of media coverage is given to the brands which are mentioned in the Wiki pages. Hence, for prominence and credibility, Wikipedia can be a great source.

How to create a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia page creation requires a few steps that every SEO-practitioner needs to learn for making a good Wikipedia page presence. Here are a few of them:

  1. Thorough research will go a long way

The first and foremost step in starting anything is proper research about the dos and don’ts of it. This is where your professionalism is shown. You should have a good detail about what kind of businesses are accepted by Wikipedia and what is not. Also, check the current status of the prominent brands and companies that have a high Wikipedia presence. If they are doing well, you can too!

  1. Account creation 

Wikipedia account creation is quite straightforward. It is better to use your real name and email for this. It is safe and credible. Account creation is a simple process that requires regular steps and anyone can do it easily.

  1. Don’t rush – go slow but steady

Instead of starting with something new to your credit, go for something small and polish it for future use. Once you obtain a good Wikipedia presence, then you can go for your prominent feature/ product/ concept, etc.

It is always a good idea to start slowly with something small and then expanding it after acquiring enough trust and credibility.

  1. Collect your sources

Your Wikipedia page is nothing without accurate sources and references. Your page needs to seem credible and your brand seasoned, but it can only happen when you have good sources at your disposal. These sources will create links on your page and ultimately they will give you a good backlink base.

Also, be very cautious of keeping these sources accurate and verifies because Google doesn’t like unverified sources. Hence, your expertise is not enough for proving your point on Wikipedia; you also need references, third-party sources, printed material on websites, articles, videos, etc, to substantiate your claims.

  1. Plan your content 

Your content must be unbiased and factual. You shouldn’t leave any space for anyone to object to your material and plagiarized or stolen. Also, misinterpretations are a big drawback in Wiki pages because they mislead the audience which can be disastrous in some cases.

Moreover, your content can be more appreciated if it has images, clips, and other visual material as sources. These clarify things and make it easier for the audience to understand your concepts.

  1. Write a copy 

Once you have sorted out what you are going to add to your Wiki page content, now is the time to write your first draft and check it. You might have to re-check it several times before getting it published.

The formatting of the page with the “Wiki Code” can be a tricky process even for professionals. But, once you get through it, you are good to go.

  1. Submit the page for review

Finally, when you are satisfactorily done with all the sorting out of material and writing it down, now is the time to submit it to the moderators. It takes quite some time to get approved by Wikipedia, from a few days to weeks. Normally, 10 days is a regular waiting time.

Be ready for changes in your content, but rest assured that anything substantial will never be removed.

Summing up…

Wikipedia page creation process is quite tricky for everyone but it is worth the efforts. It pays off in a very good way and that’s the reason it is a very meticulous and intricate process. But by the end of the day, no one has ever regretted investing time and energy in Wikipedia page writing, editing, re-editing, and going to and fro for making changes.

Hence, having a Wiki page is what every business owner needs, big or small.