Marketing has now become a very vast and diverse field where changes occur rapidly. It very much depends on the overall consumer demands and the general social scenario. 2020 was all about the pandemic and the disruption of all kinds of work. However, in marketing, 2021 is all about being present and prominent; and video ads are going to help you a lot in that!

There’s a time for every new concept to gather pace. This is what video ads have now become in Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. They are a good source of instant projection of your brand and the emotional/visual appeal them has a strong place in the marketing sphere.

They portray short, instant, compact, and sudden brand awareness for anything product/service. The big brands are investing open-heartedly in video ads for PPC marketers as they know how effective this strategy is. According to the trends, almost 50% of the viewers of the video ads are likely to purchase the product or have good research on it. This is a smart way of making them aware and convincing them for purchases.

PPC Marketing

Why have video ads become essential to PPC?

In the PPC marketing strategy, many marketers prefer video ads for a number of reasons. There are many who consider it the most new-age and instant method of making an online presence. This is only because of the instant projection and brand awareness method that a video ad generates. As compared to other methods like social media marketing and electronic media projections, short ads are the ultimate options for a faster outreach and psychological impact.

Another reason for this strategy being popular and effective is that the attention span of people has generally lowered to almost 8 or 9 seconds, according to research by social media experts. Hence, in such a scenario, how can you expect people to listen to you or stay connected with you for a long time? So, basically, a video ad is an attention-grabber whose impact is sudden and instant. Research has shown that almost 43% of people tend to shop online for things that they don’t actually need at the moment, just because of the irresistible impact of the video ads.

The impact of a stunning visual aided with a resounding voice over can be seen through the ever-increasing ads on almost every video we watch on social media. The YouTube channels have fast become the center for all these ads and have gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

Besides, people are getting money for it! That’s what everyone looks for. Every blogger or YouTuber has gained a lot of traction with these ads and the amount of money they make from them.

In addition to this, video content is mostly specifically targeted, catering to the demographic needs of a brand. It is also cheaper and easier to access and project to the audience.

Most importantly, there is still less competition in this sphere because of emerging trends and lack of inclination towards this concept. Also, due to the increasing costs of keywords, the ROI from PPC can be low however video Adwords can be a cheaper and effective option, in comparison.

Apart from this, another benefit of these ads is that as compared to the regular PPC ads, you get paid only when someone clicks on your ad. But he makes it a bit tricky in terms of making instant money. On the other hand, with in-stream ads such as on YouTube, if the user allows the ad to fully be played instead of skipping it or without even clicking on it, you still get paid! Hence, this works best in your favor as many people might not click to buy your offered product or service, but can at least view the ad fully just out of curiosity. This is where your creativity will pay you back!

Making your video ads effective…

There are a few general tips that every content writer should employ in his/her content writing strategy:

First of all, when you plan your video content, always keep in mind the demographic audience that you intend to target. See what trends that audience usually follows and how would they respond to your offers. After all, what’s the point of making an ad for an audience which is not even interested in viewing it?

PPC Marketing

Second; keep the social and cultural expectations in mind. People tend to criticize something that is “off” in terms of ethics or traditions.

Third; make sure your ad is well-scripted, pithy, and hits the mark. Your target should be to grab the attention of the viewer within the first 10 seconds of the ad.

Fourth; instigate the emotional appeal in the viewer through your content. People tend to go for the thing that they can emotionally relate to in their daily lives. Some abstract concepts of social taboos or ‘realities’ that are mostly not spoken of, can trigger a deep impact on the common mind.

Fifth; relevancy is the key. If you make an ad about, let’s say, an automobile brand, but show a lot of glamour instead of the vehicles, then it can be a bit off for some. Give people something easy and simple for which they should require time to understand. Be short, specific, to the point.

Sixth; optimized content is always preferred even by a layman viewer. The visual appeal and ease of understanding through descriptions is the ultimate reason for a large audience to watch your ad. Avoid difficult analogy and references which make your ad seem distant and difficult to comprehend. Optimization will also make your content searchable and easily found in the search engines.

Lastly, make connections through educating your viewers. Guide them through each step. It’s like making them learn about your brand. This is how you can create a bond with your potential customers.

Concluding words…

Video ads are preferred by marketers for their degree of ease and impact on their sales. They are seen to spread brand awareness faster than the traditional methods of ads. The majority of video marketers have claimed to have a higher ROI and conversion rates through this strategy.

These also provide a margin for easily communicating with your point of view to the audience, especially, is a locally understood tradition, manner, or language. This is because it allows different forms of conveying the message such as infographics, voice-over, images, graphs, text, and other creative things.

The future of video ads seems to be quite bright in terms of marketing gains and progress. they seem to be having a lasting impact on the content creators.